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Client industries include :-

The Water Industry

Amusements & Leisure

Catering Water Boilers

University projects

Home & Garden projects

Highways maintenance.

Garage diagnostic equipment

MCS is regularly asked for information and sourcing on various PC hardware, software, consumables and literature. We try to maintain the Information  page and Computer shop link.

We hope these links guide you to web sites where you can find the information or products you require.

Many of these supplier links run discounts and competitions which we will endeavour to feature as we are made aware of them.

First time PC buyers find guidance here !

If your new to Hobby Electronics see the hobby section here

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MINITECH Control Solutions ( MCS )

We provides Electronic design

Printed Circuit [ PCB ] Design, PCB Layout and Repair.

Micro-controller design

Software solutions for our designs and client products.

Prototyping for projects

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