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Whether you choose to go abroad or take your honeymoon in the UK there are many destinations
to choose from  covering relaxation, Sight seeing, sports, adventure and trekking.

Here are a few idea’s. You may even decide to combine your Special day with the honeymoon
destination of your  choice, or even have your Special day in one country and then travel on to
another country where you take your  Honeymoon.

The list is not exhaustive and we will endeavour to add destinations as we accumulate information
on the various special places around the world. They are meant as a taster for you to view before
seeking more detailed travel Information for that special occasion.

Some points to consider -

Always have adequate travel insurance.  Make sure that the policy you have covers you properly
for the destination and  activities you plan to take part in while there.  Be aware that some water
sports an, parachute sports and bikes to name a few may not be covered as standard.

Ensure that the Sun protection you have is adequate for the destination. Sun cream is available
all around the world if you run out. However you should always take some as you  may not be able
to locate it on arrival until you have your bearings on the location.

Clothes. Everybody likes new clothes for their holiday - vacations. However bear in mind that
destinations such as Florida have a wide range of shops and outlets for shoes, trainers, casual
wear, ie shorts, T shirts and more formal wear.

Camera’s and Video equipment. Don’t forget that all important device for capturing your special
break.  Make sure that you have adequate film or memory cards with you. It is available abroad,
but how long has that film been in the shop ? If your worried about  X ray machines in the airport
you could buy a protective bag for the scan. Memory cards are available world wide, but may be
more expensive than here at home. Check out some internet sites for the best deals.

Make a copy of all your photography. When you return from your honeymoon please make sure that
you make copies of any pictures and video you have on your digital photographic equipment.
Do Not rely on the memory cards alone. Have them printed, or copy them to a computer hard drive,
save them on a DVD disc. Do them all. Don’t lose those precious images, they are once only.

If the worst happens. If the worst happens and you think that you have lost information on your data
If you are part way through your honeymoon buy a new memory card and replace the one from the
camera. Store the faulty card in the case for later. If you are confident enough there are programs
available to purchase which can help restore the pictures. They are not always 100% so it can be
worth while trying more than one. Make sure that you choose a different location to restore the
images to… DO NOT SAVE THEM BACK TO THE MEMORY CARD. If you do not feel
confident in trying to restore them yourself  take the camera and  memory card to a specialist
shop and ask them to do it for you. Remember though, there are no guarantee’s of success, but
retrieving some of your precious images is better than non.

Make sure that the hotel knows it is your Honeymoon. When you book your honeymoon make sure
that it is entered as a note. Most destinations will provide some extra’s for the special trip. You
may even find a bottle of bubbly waiting for you in the room.
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